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Couples who are dealing with financial issues arising from their separation sometimes simply want someone else to make a decision. One way of achieving this is to make an application to the Central Family Court. Unfortunately this system is fraught with delay and inefficiency, often taking more than 12 months before a resolution can be achieved with legal costs spiralling out of control.

Arbitration is a bespoke private ‘Court’ service enabling the couple to agree to instruct an Arbitrator to make a decision if they cannot reach an agreement themselves, within a much shorter period of time, and consequently at a much lower cost.


In most cases issues arising between separating couples can be resolved by agreement, either through negotiation assisted by family lawyers, mediation or collaborative law. Some times however, agreements simply cannot be achieved, perhaps where the issues are complex or when neither person is prepared to give ground. In those circumstances a third party may be required to make a decision.

Our Facilities

KGW Family Law offers a purpose built Arbitration Suite comprising an arbitration room with the facility for private breakout rooms.