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Arbitration is the most time and cost efficient option if you are unable to reach your own agreement, either by yourselves or with the assistance of your lawyers or a mediator to have someone else make a decision on your behalf. This is true in almost any situation where you might make an application to the Court.

Whereas within the Court system it is first necessary to attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting, in arbitration this is not necessary. Hopefully, a couple will have endeavoured to reach their own agreement in any event. Arbitration is available for those who simply need someone else to make a decision for them.

Main Benefits of Arbitration

  • No delay – a date can be fixed almost immediately
  • The couple can select their Arbitrator by agreement
  • The couple can select a Hearing date and location to suit them both
  • Total privacy
  • An efficient and bespoke service.  The Arbitrator will only have one case to deal with on the day of the Hearing
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